Rewards Program

Welcome to the Rewards Program, the points you accumulate on this site can be redeemed in the Buy and Sell marketplace with Vale Conga.


50 Points= 1 Buy and Sell Classified ad.

100 points= 3 Buy and Sell Classified ads.


To redeem points, please allow for up to 3-5 business days. Users will need to register for the Buy and Sell Marketplace and request points review from their Vale Conga account by providing us their email addresses and their user name. Subject to availability and there may be delay in review and redemption of points. 

Points earn

The way to earn Points :

New forum post: 20 Points
Successful invitation: 35 Points
New friend: 20 Points
New image uploaded: 15 Points
New video uploaded: 25 Points
10 minutes online: 5 Points


Points system from Vale Conga Administrator. 8/22/19